Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bernanke Calls For Nationwide REO Rental Program

From an article written on  1-4-12  by  Jacob Gaffney. 

The government should consider helping the nation's vacant, unsold stock of foreclosed properties by supporting initiatives to occupy.
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke believes that one aspect should be a government support program that allows renters to move into those houses.


My Reply......

RIDICULOUS !!   Private industry (entrepreneurial) is already in full gear and moving forward.  Why cut that off?
Multi-family market is growing and catching up to where it should be.  There should always be a decent balance of SF homes and MF homes.
Finally, letting natural market forces (supply & demand) work will always be best for America.  Many forget that this is one of the main foundations that built the USA's  World Class economy!

We do not need the Fed's jumping in late and stepping on our toes.  How foolish of our Congress Persons to believe they will not cause even greater problems.

Most important...why would we allow the highly profitable Banking industry to once again take control???

signed,  a TRUE AMERICAN

PS:  Just read the Blog below this one to see what happens when our Government steps in & over corrects on a problem....
Crushing our beloved Veterans again.