Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This week, attendees of the REO Expo default services conference
in Texas are talking all about how best to sell distressed and
often dilapidated properties.

That's why I think there should be more investor
incentives, because investors take the time to rehab, which in
turn allows them to sell these homes at a higher price, which
consequently improves overall home prices. Look, the banks, the
government, they need help, and investors are not the enemy

(Quotes by Wells Fargo vendor network manager Kevin
Schriver) been saying this same thing for a while now. I see it everyday as I search and put together deals on REO properties and talk with homeowners that are dangerously close to losing their homes.
What a shame. The Banks still continue to leave these families in high stress situations. Holding off until the last moment, then telling them,'re denied.

Then, the Banks put forward conditions to control the Investors! Are you kidding me. How do the Banks end up with the "say so" after being fully responsible for this downward spiraling market?????

No matter. The Banks are going to make the money while we commonfolks and consumers pay, pay, pay!!!!

Larry, Blog Author