Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are You Giving the Directions or Taking Them?

By guest blogger Joel G. Block

Living through the stock market roller coaster has been difficult – in fact, it is paralyzing. I am so focused on it that I am having trouble concentrating on work that I can actually control. Ironically, the chaos of the week has made one issue crystal clear for me.

The more I understand the stock market, the more I realize that I don’t get it at all.

Most individuals have their money in the stock market because their retirement accounts force them into the market. Those funds are forced into the market because the companies that manage those funds are stock market companies. A coincidence?

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I recently started reading this Blog and was impressed because Joel's thoughts are the same as mine.

Why should Investors continue to be sucked into the Stock Market fiasco.

I realize the market supports the financial foundation of our greatest companies. But, it needs to be revamped...it is broken!

Many thanks to you for reading our Blog, Larry Tutino