Thursday, April 21, 2011


If want to succeed at building NEW HOMES in this market,,,,,

follow this advice.

Here are some successful strategies we have observed:

• Investments in Technology: One unsung reason that big builders
have fared better than many smaller builders is their ability to
invest in technology. I'm not talking about cumbersome
accounting systems, but rather very nimble tools to:
o quickly assess a market for depth of demand,
o survey prospective buyers for the design features they will
pay for, or
o strip excess labor cost out of a very energy efficient house.
Some of these processes have been developed by consultants or
contractors, so builders of all sizes can benefit.

• 100% Focus on Sales: From the CEO to the framer, the most
successful companies are all about sales. Roll out the red carpet
for anyone who takes the time to visit your website or community.
Tell everyone you know about the well-designed and well-built
homes you are selling at fantastic prices.

This advice is from John Burns Real Estate Consulting, Inc.

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Posted by Larry Tutino