Wednesday, April 27, 2011



All-cash investors are flooding the market, buying up distressed properties at deep discounts. Secretary Donovan claims investors are no longer the pariah's of the housing market; they are in fact the bulk of today's buyers of distressed properties. At the height of the housing crash, President Obama made clear that the housing/mortgage bailout was not for investors, who bought properties with money they didn't have, but only for owner-occupants (who also, by the way, bought properties with money they didn't have). The tides have turned. 'Clearly investors coming in to buy some of these homes is a key part of how these neighborhoods recover,' Donovan says. 'We're focused on, for example with REO [bank-owned] homes, investors to purchase them and get the financing they need to fix them up.'"

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Investors are carrying the industry on their backs.....

Being an Investor myself, I constantly run into investors at homes for sale. Rarely do I see the normal family Buyer that was so common 3 years back.

Larry Tutino, Blog Founder