Thursday, December 2, 2010

the FEDERAL RESERVE sticks us again......

Many of you that saw my last Blog entry about my handsome boys have figured out that I love family! I care about every mans family.

That's why this Blog entry has me steaming. These guys, that operate the Federal Reserve helped cause millions of families to lose their homes! The big problem I have is that they made money while the homeowners lost money. Sure, many of them shouldn't have bought a home in the first place (according to their weak credit), but everyone NEEDS a home. Everyone does not need another million dollars in their account.

Check out this info I picked up from another smart Author. His name is...........
Jacob Gaffney, the editor of Housing Wire at......

"Today is a great day in mortgage finance to bury bad news. And if your government spent enormous resources helping foreign entities, now is the time to tell us. Apparently."

"By deluging the market with the information, it seems the Federal Reserve is helping to downplay the sad reality that it not only bailed out the big banks, but may have taken Europe along with it."

You see, these smart bankers figure to make a bundle of $$$$$ off the shifting currency markets.
Are you starting to get tired of hearing how the Private Federal Reserve Board once again has it's nose in the middle of another huuuuuuuge financial scandal?

If you work at the Federal Reserve and this Blog bugs you, then write me.

Larry T

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