Monday, September 27, 2010


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Cascadia project going to auction block

Pierce County’s largest planned community is in the hands of a bank, which will auction most of it today after foreclosing on the developer who worked on it for nearly 20 years without any of 6,000-plus planned homes to show for it.

  • sellorbuyland 5 minutes ago
    Special Thanks to Mr Kuo for your vision and years of focused work. For helping to bring
    necessary Utilities and roads infrastructure to the community. A thanks also for John
    Ladenburg's grit and determination in taking on this COO task for a HUGE project that
    was already heading down the "economic toilet".

    Joe Public at times despises and scoffs the Visionaries that have the "webbles" to dream
    HUGE and then take action, especially if the project has a failure. But remember folks,
    thats how we got electricity. 100's of failures.

    Be patient Joe Public. In time, it will become much more crowded in and around Cascadia.
    Traffic, jobs, noise, upgraded utilities, Millions in taxes, etc.

    I tend to agree with people that believe more "natural scenic settings" should have been
    protected. Planners need to control stripping and overbuilding/density regulations. This
    problem alone, especially smaller lots, ads to the "cookie cutter" neighborhood problem.

    Larry at

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